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Please contact me for your commercial and residential mural opportunities. I strive to make your vision a reality on your space, whether it is interior or exterior. I can paint murals on locations previously not attainable with the surface prep that can be done before painting. After an approved sketch and a signed contract, I work quickly and efficiently to finish your project in a timely manner. All final details are left to the artist's discretion. 


I first heard of Pam Kellough through a home party and bought a small piece of wall art that she painted. I just loved her detail and creativity. That was over 20 years ago and we now have her artwork on the walls of three rooms as she has done murals for our family that represent our faith and family in beautiful personal ways. With no extensive art training, Pam is an inspired painter and beautiful artist. She is a gift to us and her work is unmatched. 

~Amy Beam, grateful repeat customer 

Several years ago, I wanted a mural for my dining room. It is a serene place and I enjoy doing my devotions there. I had some ideas, no pictures to reference, just ideas. I met with Pam and explained what I saw "in my mind's eye". She listened intently and went to work. Her work ethic was/is unprecedented. Her artistic translation for what I had desired for the room was beyond remarkable. Many have talent, but Pam's abilities go beyond mere talent. She is a true gift from God. The final mural in our home contains specific things I described to her. She captured them precisely. Some that visit my home jokingly say that they do not want to stand under the archway because they may get looks that realistic. Not only do we appreciate the artwork in our home, but we so appreciate and love Pam. She is a tremendous and beautiful servant of the Lord and it was an honor to have her create this art in our home and not only leave her thumbprint on our walls but on our hearts as well. 

~Meredith Thompson 

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